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What Is Thin Content And How Do You Fix It?

Blog | SEO | January 22, 2020 |

Your content marketing strategy needs to be good enough if you want to succeed in getting your website to rank higher in the search engines and if you don’t live and breathe this strategy, you will end up finding yourself lost in the mid of the muddle, from where only a good content can pull you out.

Many businesses suffer from limited traffic or little engagement on their websites due to the reason of having Thin Content. The content on the web pages of their website lacks essential quality and has no value! This content serves no purpose to the user and hence, is considered to be irrelevant by the search engines. 

Quality content not only helps you improve your ranking but also increases the chances of getting your content widespread over social media. It can even portray you as an industry leader with expertise in your specific field and will ultimately give you more leads and profits. A quality brand has a sign of having quality content on its website whereas thin content has even the potential of damaging your brand’s image.

In the past, for small-scale websites, it was easier to rank in the search results with the help of cloaking and keyword stuffing for some highly competitive keywords. They used to create nonsensical content using all their keywords and used to present different content to the users and to the search engine robots.

This concern made Google release its algorithms to stop these low-quality websites from doing black hat SEO to rank high on the search results. This algorithm could spot the websites with poor quality and duplicate content that is irrelevant to the searcher’s query and offers limited or no value to them, such that it could take the necessary action of penalizing them.

That is why for the safety measures of your website and to improve your ranking, you should always be aware of creating thin content for your website. And for this, you should always perform an audit of your website to ensure if there’s any thin content present.

But what if after the audit it turns out that your website has thin content? Relax, here are some ways that can help you to fix Thin Content:

  • Grow your Content: You can save some higher ranks for your website by expanding your content and making it appealing to the visitors. You can try adding unique content and remember it should be relevant to the visitor’s query and should solve their purpose on your website.
  • Rewrite the Content: Here you just have to twist your content in such a way that it looks more presentable and fascinating. Use your old content’s information and turn the words a new content that looks engaging and intriguing to the visitors.
  • Replace your Old Content: If you are not sure that the information provided in your content is tempting enough to make a visitor read it till the end, then you must replace it with a useful piece of information that serves the whole purpose of a visitor.
  • Delete the Content: If nothing works, then it’s time to remove it so that the bugs in your content don’t let your rankings fall down. You can anyway create whole new quality content and shoot your website to the higher rankings.

Concluding Thoughts

Thin content can cause some major problems for your website. Now that you know what thin content is exactly and how it can harm your website, you can get started with expanding it based on your updated keyword research while getting a new content strategy. You can also perform a yearly content-audit on your website to analyze if there are any issues that are required to deal with. And with this, you can identify any thin content threats that can harm your website’s reputation and rankings. 

If you need any further assistance in building your content strategy, you can contact us and we’ll help you get your content noted by your target audience.


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