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Anchor Text in SEO: Types of Anchor Text

Blog | Digital Marketing | SEO | April 21, 2020 |

Anchor text plays a major role in marketing, SEO is a large umbrella and anchor text is a part of it, google finds easy to crawl websites that use anchor text and also gives them the right ranking on search engines.

Anchor texts are the keywords or a type of link attached to a webpage that can be easily come under the vision of the user. Basically, it is a text you click to move from one internet destination to another; it connects two different locations on the internet together.

Example:- Uber provides cab service in my area.

Here uber is an anchor text, where when we click it will directly take us to the homepage of the uber official website.

Anchors typically link web pages, they can also initiate a call to action button like to download click here.

Here click here is the call to action button.

Most of the marketers think about link building, backlinking and internal links but neglect the king anchor.

Types of Anchor Text

1. Branded Anchor Text
2. Partial Match Anchor Words
3. Related Anchor Text
4. Random Anchor Text
5. Naked Link Text
6. Brand + Keyword Anchor Words
7. Image Anchor Links
8. Long-tail Anchor

All these anchor texts are interrelated to each other but each has a minor difference which makes it unique.

1. Branded Anchor Text

When we use any Brand name for anchor text then it is known as branded anchor text.

For example Ambiente technology of here we are using the brand name as Anchor text so it will be considered as Branded Anchor Text.

Note:- Never use an exact match domain that contains a targeted keyword as google can apply a penalty for it (Don’t use it for a long period).

2. Partial Match Anchor Words

These words are not of the same match, they contain some generic or random words including targeted keyword or anchor text.

Example:- Tennis ground is our anchor word, so the best tennis ground near me is an example of a partial match anchor word.

3. Related Anchor Text

Related anchor words use a variation in a targeted keyword, these texts are important for making google crawler easily understand what the webpage is about and what it is defining.

Example:- Netflix, the best platform to watch web series. Here the best platform to watch web series is an example of a related anchor word.

4. Random Anchor Text

Random anchor texts are unspecific or undefined phrases. They do not contain the targeted keyword, they can be selected randomly.

Example:- If our targeted keyword is software but we are using hardware as of anchor text, then it is known as random anchor text.

5. Naked Link Text

Naked link Anchor usually is raw and not modified. You must have read an article online, and have seen there are some links given in the form of https:/………… this is what we called naked anchor text and are easily clickable. Sometimes these are used as references at the bottom of an article & are mostly preferable by google as they reduce the chance of fraudulent activities.


6. Brand + Keyword anchor words

Those links which use both the target keyword and brand name as an anchor text, this type of anchor words also build brand recognition and target the keyword at the same time.

Example:- Ambiente technologies for digital marketing, in this we are using the brand name as well as targeted keyword, Ambiente technologies as a brand name and digital marketing as the targeted keyword.

7. Image Anchor Links

Well adding an ALT text to your image is important, and describes a specific path to google crawlers of what the image is about. This also improves our SEO for google images if we write a proper descriptive alt text for the image link.

8. Long-tail Anchor

Longtail is similar to partial anchor but not soo, as long tail contains more words. They give chances not only to include the main keyword but it sometimes includes the sub-headings or headline which in turn really helps to build a strong SEO of your Website as it includes a link to the whole sentence.

Example:- Read more about SEO on the Ambiente technologies blog.

Final Thoughts

Anchor words are very much important for the SEO health of your website, google found it easy to crawl those websites that are using anchor words and give them the right position in SERPs.

All anchor words are of a similar type but still, each having any unique property differs it from others, so while making a marketing strategy for your website you have to use proper anchor text at the correct place.

The main point to keep in mind while using anchor text is to not get a penalty from Google, so use anchor text carefully. And select a proper keyword for anchor and do not do keyword stuffing, use the right anchor and link it to a reputable and highly relevant page.


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