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Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Blog | Web Design | January 6, 2020 |

Having a responsive website in today’s competitive digital world has become a necessity rather than just a luxury. We are living in a mobile-first era with mobile emerging as a crucial component for browsing the web where more than 60% of the online queries are made through mobile devices. Compared to this, there are over 60% of the websites that are not enjoying the benefits of unresponsive web design.

Why a Responsive Web Design is needed?

Among the many changes over the past, the web has grown incredibly and there is a shift in the browsing behavior from desktop to mobile devices. Mobiles devices are being used by twice the people who are using desktop devices.

The search engines are behaving according to the user’s actions where the users are using mobile devices to access the web. So, if your website meets the requirements of the users, search engines are likely to favor it and show it among the top search results. This means that if your website is optimized for mobile devices, search engines will show it to the users. 

And if you fail to incorporate mobile responsive web design, it will affect your website traffic which will fall, it will increase the negative online reviews, you will lose your sales, the bounce rate will increase and even your loyal customers will be lost. So, in order to reach your target audience and increase your traffic, you need to have a responsive web design.

Top 5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Faster Page Loading Speed: Internet users expect websites to load faster in a fraction of a second. Also, there are high chances that you might be losing 40-50% of your audience if your website takes more than three seconds to load and 79% of the people who are not satisfied with your website’s loading speed are less likely to visit it again. This metrics says a lot about the importance of a faster page loading speed for better rankings of a website. Your website should be optimized to load as fast as possible to secure higher rankings on search engines. By establishing a friendly and responsive web design, you can ensure the page speed of your website on any device.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate: It is related to the time spent on a website. How rapidly your visitors are leaving your website? Google crawls each website to track their bounce rate and ranks those websites accordingly. If your visitors are leaving your website very quickly (almost right after landing to it), Google might interpret that they found the content on your website irrelevant and will prevent them to visit your website in the future. This can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking. But it’s not just the content, even a non-responsive web design can trigger your visitors to leave your website. Hence, responsive web design will be helpful to showcase your creative content in a mobile-friendly way.
  • Improved User Experience: One of the ways to improve the SEO rankings of your website is by enhancing the user experience. You should consider user experience as a priority over-decorated designs when you want to meet the expectations of your visitors. Your visitors should be able to navigate easily through your website to find the relevant content they are looking for. This will increase the time spent on the visitors on your website if they are satisfied with the results. Responsive web design is a certain way to make your website user-friendly.
  • Remove Duplicate Content: Having both the mobile version and a desktop version of a website leads to duplicate content across the internet. This can badly affect your SEO and you may have to deal with duplicate content penalties. All this can be prevented by having a responsive web design by ensuring that all of your content remains on a single domain.
  • Boosted Social Media Shares: Social media sharing becomes easy with responsive web design for mobile users. Everyone wants their website’s content to get viral across social media. As most of the social media users access the internet through their mobiles, it becomes necessary for your website to be responsive for mobile devices in order to grow your audience. The bigger the audience is, the greater the engagement and traffic, as well as your brand’s demand, is and this will make you enjoy the SEO benefits.

Concluding Thoughts

You cannot afford to miss out on boosting your Google rankings now after you’ve known the SEO benefits of having a responsive web design. It’s your responsibility, as website owners, to make the web a better place for user experience and help the user in this ever-evolving world of the internet. Establishing a strong responsive foundation for the website and regularly improving it when necessary is the key to rank higher in SEO results. If you’re still in doubt or need any help with responsive web design, our creative web design team at Ambiente Technologies is there to help. Contact us!


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