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Digital Marketing Ideas in Coronavirus: Top 6 Strategies to Consider For Your Business 

Blog | Digital Marketing | March 25, 2020 |

Coronavirus Covid-19, which originally originated from one city in China, Wuhan has infected more than 4,00,000 people till date. This coronavirus has led to an infectious outbreak in many countries across the globe. Its spread has also left many businesses counting losses.

Earlier on, investors and businesses fear that the spread of the virus will destroy economic growth. Think tanks had forecasted a tremendous decline in growth and it has happened since the virus started. The outbreak of this pandemic was so exponential that many governments around the world were forced to introduce travel restrictions, staying indoors and limiting social contact to contain the virus. 

In the wake of such critical situations, businesspersons were obliged to come up with strategies that are useful in marketing their products online. Digital marketing has evolved nowadays and marketing trends are changing too. Therefore, the digital market is now fully equipped. 

Business executives can turn around the economy by initiating proven digital marketing strategies to help them stay in business during the Corona outbreak. They can now sell and market their products online while still in quarantine. 

Top 6 digital marketing ideas to consider in your business 

Businesspersons have already devised ways to survive this economic recession wave. Here is a highlight of six proven and tested digital marketing strategies to consider during this trying time. 

  1. Webinar connection with your customers

During this self-quarantine time, most people are stuck indoors with their families. Restaurants are closing down; towns are now ghost towns. Therefore, creating a video webinar to your clients goes a long way in expressing your empathy. 

We all agree that during such trying moments is not the time to be all about generating income only. Empathizing with your customers builds lasting business connections. Creating a video with your brand logo expressing your grief and hoping for a better tomorrow to them can earn you more than a few dollars. Moreover, your customers can connect with you on a personal level. 

  1. Making sure, you are digitally connected 

Virtual business marketing has been here for a few years now and it has gained popularity over time. Just by having your business listed in the virtual market, helps your business stay afloat during the outbreak period. 

Customers in need of your products or services can now order online and have them delivered to their doorstep. This translates to sales even if the clients are in self-quarantine to contain the virus. 

  1. Innovative digital advertising ( Pay per Click) 

Despite the tough economic times, this is also when most people are at home. Numbers show that most people are now spending more time gazing at their computer screens. 

Business owners have taken this advantage by introducing digital advertising. They are now connecting with their customers and paying them once they click on a product. It works just by a click when a customer clicks on the product. 

  1. Staying ahead of the world – the “SEO” way

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a unique way of digital marketing your products. SEO helps your business top ranks on Google SERPs and boost traffic to your website. It just needs keen attention on the keyword structure, specifically paying attention to the words that customers always use.

All you need to do in this critical period is to hire an expert search engine optimization agency and get started in no time. 

  1. Advanced planning on the business come-back 

Smart executives always have a backup plan in case of a pandemic or any unforeseeable events. Not only having a backup plan helps but also adequate planning on how to come back to business after normalcy resumes. 

  1. Rewarding loyal customers

In this time of extreme worry, everyone is looking for ways to save a buck or two. Business owners should take this time to engage your customers by rewarding them with discounts after purchase. Therefore, it is a win-win for both parties. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from saving their business, the owners are planning to be a step ahead of their competitors in trying to recover lost revenue due to the corona outbreak period. However, scoring clients and adding revenues are not the only goals, business owners can benefit more from this. 

They should take this time to give their websites a makeover. By adding new designs and products on the website helps a long way in a beneficial rebranding that translates to organic traffic and increased sales.

With these digital marketing tips, we hope the best times are ahead!


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