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Social Media Live Streaming: The Dos and Don’ts

Blog | Social Media | February 10, 2020 |

Live Streaming is the new coolest thing on the internet. From your neighbor’s grandmother to big brands, everyone is streaming on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People watch live videos 3 times longer than regular ones. These live videos are being watched for more than 100 million hours of each day. Also, streaming live on social media generates 10 times more comments than on regular videos. Isn’t it tempting enough to get started? 

One of the best ways to expand your social media reach among your potential customers is through Live streaming with nothing more than a smartphone with an internet connection, whether for promoting your brand online or for entertainment purposes.

But when you’re actually starting it out, there are chances that it might go terribly wrong. Sometimes you can lose the benefits of going live if it’s not executed properly. Live streaming needs a lot of patience and can be a nerve-wracking process. You can put on a good show and plan it well with the help of some social media marketing tips.

Here’s a list of the dos and don’ts for Live streaming on the Social media:

  • Do a Practice Video: Before going live, you should practice first especially if you’re about to go live for the first time. It can help you prevent some big mistakes and can help to overcome the stage fear as well. 

Make sure to check that you have a strong internet connection to avoid a slacking video. Also, do check the lighting and try to ensure that there’s nothing around that you don’t want people to see. Now, when starting, choose the ‘Only Me’ option in the privacy settings and practice until you’re ready to go live for the audience. And don’t forget to click ‘Public’ when you’re ready to begin the actual live session.

  • Do Promote in Advance: Surely, you would want a bigger audience in your live streaming session for making it more interactive. Do inform your audience well beforehand, when and where your broadcast will go live to ensure that they tune in to the right channel at the right time. You can promote it by creating an event, emailing your subscribers, putting up posts across various social media platforms and reminding them till the last minute. 
  • Do Test the Equipment: It’s important to check the device properly before going live. The battery life of the equipment you’re going to use for filming and the audio device should be ensured. You need to use a good quality camera for professional and impeccable broadcasts. The higher the video resolution and the better the audio recording quality, the more you will be benefited.
  • Do Engage with the Audience: To earn more followers and attract them to your live streaming, it’s necessary to put some efforts in engaging with the viewers. This should be one of the reasons to go live on social media as your audience always expects you to respond to their comments live. You can make them feel special by calling out their names and answering their questions.
  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Place: There is so much to do when you’re doing live streaming. Sitting at only one place and promoting your brand will make you lose your viewers. Do something innovate in your live broadcast like taking your audience on a tour to your office, introducing your team members, conducting a QnA, etc. to attract more viewers.
  • Don’t Go Off the Topic: Whatever you’ve chosen your topic to be, just stick to it. When you’re talking continually, it’s usual to go off-topic. It’s better to have a clear abstract of your topic so that you keep talking relevancy. Connecting with the audience on a personal level is fine but it should not take you anywhere too far from your topic.
  • Don’t Leave Unfinished: The longer you broadcast, the more time your audience has to join it. You should broadcast for at least 10 minutes and have the liberty to stretch it up to 90 minutes. You can get an estimate of the time of your live stream if you’ve practiced it before. And even if your real live session turns out to be shorter than actually planned, you can always engage with your audience and keep that live video going!
  • Don’t Forget to End With a CTA: Any live broadcast’s objective is to get the viewers to act upon it and this can’t be done without a right CTA at the end of the live video. You should lead your audience to the right path that helps you to achieve the goal of the live stream by telling them to click the CTA at the end of the session.

Final Word

Now, with these basic dos and don’ts for social media live streaming, you are well equipped to get down on the field and start your live streaming to show your potential to the audience. After intensive preparation and investing in the quality of your content, you can have a successful live stream. Many platforms are available for live streaming so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. If you need any assistance or want to know more about live streaming, hit us up and we will be there to help you.


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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂



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