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SEO Mistakes: Top 10 Sins that Marketers Make

Blog | SEO | March 5, 2020 |

One of the facts that online marketers should learn to accept is that people make mistakes. However, just because it’s something that comes naturally doesn’t mean that you let them ruin your business. If you’ve just joined the SEO bandwagon or have been optimizing your website for a while, some mistakes can significantly affect your SEO rank on different search engine results.

Top 10 SEO mistakes that marketers make on their business websites.

  1. Publishing Non-Original Content

Search Engine Optimization is all about publishing quality content. Duplication of text was one of the common mistakes committed by marketers some time back. This approach is now attracting a hefty penalty by the search engine. Copying and plagiarizing content is spam malpractice that is highly discouraged.

While duplicating content may seem to be the quickest way to produce content relating to your subject, it simply is not going to work. Most of the culprits use spinning software to put duplicate content into a new shape. Creating original and meaningful content is quite essential to boost one’s search engine rank instead of ripping off a copy from other sites. Perhaps this is the only way to prevent downgrading your website.

  1. Creating content different from keyword

Among the primary factors that enhances search engine ranking is the correct placement of the keywords. Creating content that has little or no relation to the keyword is another common pitfall in SEO optimization. It is quite challenging to get your Content rank with a specific keyword, yet you have not focused the text on your target keyword. Search engines such as Google serve their clients with the most relevant information for their search terms. Therefore, only high-quality content with correct placement of keywords would serve their need and rank well on search engines.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

The choice of the right keyword is vital for the optimization of website rank. But, how do marketers fail when it comes to the selection of keywords? Well, it is easy to notice the wrong usage of keywords in the content.

Neglecting the preference of search engines is one of the common mistakes marketers make when selecting keywords. Long-tail keywords do not give a precise text of what prospects may want to search. The marketer may define their products and services in their desired ways but should consider the right words that would refer their potential customer to these products.

  1. Using Keyword Stuffing

Using keywords repeatedly or in every line of your content does not relate to boosting your rating.

A marketer can use the right keyword several times in the text but only in the right manner. Some go overboard when inserting keywords in their text, and this is a mistake that is registered as spam by search engines. Therefore, keyword stuffing is “hurts” your SEO performance and considered a barrier to your SEO success. The overuse of the intended keywords make the content look unnatural and would not be useful for the potential audience.

  1. Missing Quality Links

The power of quality links plays a major role in getting the best from SEO. As a content marketer, you should consider including quality external links in your content rather than focusing on the quantity. In this regard, quality link means well-ranking websites with relevant content and a solid reputation. It’s also crucial to use back-links of sites linked to your websites to help you earn traffic.

  1. Going Astray with Internal Links

Another common mistake marketer makes including unnecessary internal links to their sites. If you want to create additional traction and improve visibility of your content, consider putting internal links to your top performing pages naturally.

  1. Skipping Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Titles Tags and Meta descriptions are important elements of SEO that any marketer should not forget. Skipping this essential element is a huge mistake that prevents you from getting potential for your content. The search engine considers these optimizing factors when crawling a website, and when it is done correctly, it can significantly improve the performance of the content. Some marketers also forget to include image tags in their content.

  1. Ignoring the Power of Influencers for Social Media Interactions

SEO optimization also has a social dimension that helps marketers reach out to potential customers. Failure to make use of this powerful tool is a mistake that will affect your marketing strategies. The main goal of sharing content on social media is to catch the attention of users with significant online influence. Thus, creating a relationship with such individual help, your content gets noticed both by search engines and the target audience.

  1. Not Investing in a Fast and Mobile-friendly Experience

While the keywords and content are useful in SEO optimization, it is also essential to understand the importance of the quality of the website. Today, most of the clients use their mobile devices as the top choice to access the internet. Thus, this means only websites that offer a smooth mobile experience for their audience benefit from this prospect.

  1. Forgetting about Analytics

Once you are done with optimization, you need to follow up to know if your content effort is working to your expectations. Perhaps analytics is the only way to track your progress. Disregarding the numbers one huge mistake you can do as a marketer. For this reason, you should set up and review your analytics regularly to ensure your optimization results are according to your wish.

Bottom line

Today, SEO is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Though you may find multiple advice online, making some of the SEO mistakes is common. If you want to avoid most of these commonly committed mistakes, get well acquainted with most of the challenges that others have experienced before.

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