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Marketing Automation: How it Transforms Small Businesses

Blog | Social Media | August 5, 2019 |

Automation is the latest most significant trend in marketing. With the advancement in machine learning and sister-like technologies, businesses can now make use of protocols and smart algorithms that automate mundane marketing tasks by leveraging on the wealth of customer information.

Marketing automation helps take away some responsibilities from the manager so they can handle other critical business tasks. You now don’t have to sit about every week to craft weekly emails and send out alerts; computers can do that for you.

Top marketing automation tools include Marketo, Eloqua,, HubSpot, and more. Statistics from invespcro show the following about marketing automation:

  • The automation software market is going to grow by 8.55% and hit the $5.5 billion market capitalization mark.
  • More than 51% of businesses have moved to automate mundane marketing tasks.
  • Around 14.5% of marketers say marketing automation optimizes productivity.
  • B2C marketers say that it increases conversion rates by 50%.
  • Conversion rates increased by 9.2% on desktop devices and 25.2% on mobile devices with dynamic landing pages according to data from periscopix.

The underlying narrative is that businesses are starting to embrace automation as the hero of marketing plans. Here’s a look at the tips to implement marketing automation in small businesses.

A sneak-peak at a few examples of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation developed as a result of the need to take care of the top priorities of a business while still maintaining close personal touch with clients. By use of smart algorithms, tasks such as email marketing and keyword analysis can be automated, leaving the business manager free to handle other critical activities such as accounting and R&D. Examples of marketing automation include:

  • The use of chatbots and platforms with voice and mind activated interactions to influence narratives about specific subjects. Chatbots over live chats help add a personal touch to campaigns and are part of excellent customer care strategies.
  • Automated reminders and newsletter sign-ups are sent to customers inbox. For example, if they left some item in the cart on an E-commerce website or a notification of related products to what they bought.
  • Customer Match and Similar Audiences feature of the AdWords platform that lets you upload a customer file, and it makes use of that information to help you locate similar prospects you can target. This feature enables you to segment leads so you can target them by age, interest, and more.
  • Use of dynamic landing pages that makes use of the customers’ browsing history, location, and interests to adjust the messages displayed. I add a touch of personalization to those campaigns to ramp up conversion rates.
  • Automatically updating the status on social media.
  • Lead nurturing auto-responders that get personal with your lead and give them more information about your business.
  • The use of keyword planners and conversion tracking features to determine performing and non-performing keywords, which keywords to bid on, and how to update your content.

The thing is, this is the information age; it is very easy to influence the narrative about a particular subject.

Here is why marketing automation in small businesses is the best way to go.

Importance of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

  • Acquire Customers

Use of online bots and live charts to get personal with leads, qualify and convert them to clients. There’re several platforms now offering customer acquisition solutions with an automated business messenger that lets you chat with valuable leads while automatically capturing their info. This messenger captures intent at the moment, so there’s no need for follow-up emails.

  • It’s part of good PR Strategy

Marketing automation through dynamic landing pages and adaptive content that change to suit customers preference and their need for information helps paint business in a good light. It helps address customer’s concerns and create brand awareness.

  • Helps Put Together and Automate Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

Automation platforms that facilitate marketing on various social media and online platforms help make a business omnipresent to multiple online audiences wherever they are. It also helps contextualize the ad so that the prospects don’t end up backlisting the ad as spam.

Automation also helps to create turnkey campaigns i.e., replicate successful ones and pause those that do not work well. AdWords conversion tracking features, for example, give insight into keywords performance so you can stop the non-performing keywords.

  • Affords the Business Owner Time to Handle Critical Tasks

Marketing automation in small businesses is advantageous because it affords the owner time to handle other critical tasks such as strategy formulation, accounting, R&D. Small companies have got no large coffers to employ a stellar marketing team to handle every mundane task. Automation can help with such duties and save the owner some funds.

  • Boost ROI

By transforming how business engages with the customer along the complex buying cycle, marketing helps nurture clients throughout the entire complex buying cycle. From qualifying leads to follow-ups, conversion, education, and purchase automation help make things personal, which statistics indicate has 6 x higher conversion rates leading to an increased customer base and more sales.

In retrospect, automation is a trend that is going to shape marketing for years to come. Technology has made it possible to let machines handle mundane, repetitive tasks intelligently by leveraging on a wealth of customer info to generate engaging campaigns and increase brand awareness. As a business owner, besides focusing on other tasks, you can think of setting up specialized teams around which would help you obtain effective results.

If you are planning to set up your marketing automation, do feel free to reach experts of our digital marketing agency in Chandigarh.


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