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Local SEO Search Ranking Factors

Blog | SEO | April 10, 2020 |

If you are trying to rank your local business in the Google Local Pack, you might have realized by now that Local SEO is a real bear. Sharing the same basis, Local SEO has got much in common with regular SEO.

However, one of the prime differences between traditional SEO and Local SEO revolves around the way you target customers, making them both completely different. And with the ever-changing Google algorithms, coming up with a successful Local SEO strategy is no more a piece of cake.

Showing up among the higher ranks in Google search results can be very promising for your local business. But Google doesn’t care about these higher rankings to show your business among the Google local search results. What it cares about is the quality and relevance of the results that match the query of the searcher to complete satisfaction.

If your business doesn’t show up when somebody searches for services like you in your location, it could be considered as a great lost opportunity. Your competitors might have taken the lead and have overshadowed your business. So now, before you correct it and start on practicing SEO for your local business, you need to understand what are the factors that affect your rankings that will help you to deal with the issues.

Let’s take a look at the list of the local SEO search rankings factors:

  • General Ranking Factors

The most important overall ranking factors are keywords in business titles, category, and proximity that comprise as Google My Business Signals. Link signals like inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc. are considered important as well.

Other important factors are on-page signals like NAP (complete name, address and phone number) and domain authority, Citations, high numerical ratings of the business by Google users and positive reviews, Click-through rate, social media presence, etc. So, for a better rank, the domain authority of your website should be high.

The right usage of target keywords can give you a better chance to improve your rankings. According to Moz Study reports, quality back-links are the secrets to enhance your Local SEO and DA of linking sites are considered as well. If Google finds out some suspicious back-links, you may lose the chance to improve your rankings. Whereas getting back-links from a site having a higher domain authority will boost your local SEO and will get you higher ranks.

Similarly, the quality of domains will affect your rankings too. Your chances of ranking high will increase with the number of quality back-links. The inbound anchor text that is used by the sites to link back to you is also important and thus it needs to be relevant to the topic and to your business.

  • Localized Organic Ranking Factors

Moz Study reported that the Domain Authority of a website is a primary factor for Local SEO and the authority and quality of the inbound links that lead to your domain as important as well when it comes to Localized Organic Ranking. The city and state mentioned in the title of the landing page of GMB and the click-through rate, click-to-call your number and the check-ins from the search results also makes a significant contribution.

Other important factors are the relevance of domain content to your target geographic keyword and physical address in the city of search. Also, the variance of inbound links that links to your website contributes to your local SEO rankings.

  • Negative Search Ranking Factors

There are some factors for Local SEO that can negatively impact your rankings resulting in the poor ranking of your local business. Having some knowledge about these negative factors can help you with improving and prevent them. One of the most arresting factors is selecting the wrong category of your local business for your Google My Business Listing.

The category identifies your business with the relevance of the customer’s query and if you’ve chosen the wrong category you will be missing a huge opportunity to rank your business. Your business’s address and contact information are considered to be crucial ranking factors by Google.

So, your ranking will fall down if it finds out your listing at a false business address. Also, mismatched NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is also considered to be a negative ranking factor.

Above all are the tactics of Local SEO rankings. There needs to be a strong strategy that needs to be implemented in order to rank higher in location-based searches. The more powerful your overall SEO campaigns are, the better are the chances of your Local business to rank higher in the top results of search engines. If you need such a robust local SEO plan for your business, contact us at Ambiente Technologies, today!


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