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Improve Local SEO with Google My Business

Blog | SEO | February 6, 2019 |


Nothing could be better than getting your business to show up among the top search results on Google’s first page. And this comes with a host of challenges that you have to face in order to get the fundamentals of the SEO right that will ultimately push your business towards higher rankings. To improve your business’ visibility, one of the Google’s new tools and features is Google My Business – an interface that allows you to list and determine how your business is displayed throughout Google’s platforms and products.

According to a study, 97% of the consumers are looking online for Local businesses to get their requirements fulfilled and 50% of those who conducted a search visits the store within a day. And surprisingly, only 44% of local businesses have been using the free Google My Business listing.

Being one of the most valuable and incredibly easy-to-use tools, Google My Business plays a crucial role in your Local SEO strategy. It helps you to manage, index and present relevant business information. You can interact with your potential audience while controlling your online review reputation. And above all, you can gather insights about your website traffic. Among the multiple features and benefits offered by Google My Business few are listed as follows:

Increased Online Visibility

Having a Google My Business account will help you improve your visibility throughout the web. Optimizing your GMB profile will increase your likelihood of getting featured on the third party sites that rely on Google for the information. The odds of your business showing up for relevant local searches depends upon the information that Google has to categorize the business.

Consistent Business Information

Your business’s information is guaranteed to be reliable and accurate on Google with the Google My Business listing. You can even update your business’s name, phone number, address and other specific details and can post questions and answers about your business. This consistency of information is vital for your customers to get the right idea about your business and to make sure that they contact you at the right times.

Get Insights

After you’ve listed your business, you can now get the very helpful analytics data from the GMB dashboard directly. You can get insights into how your customers are finding you and what they’re doing with your listing, whether they are visiting your website or getting the directions for your store or looking out for your number to call you. This data can give you an idea about how to optimize your listing in a more efficient way e.g. if your customers are mostly viewing your photos then you can improve over this area and can add better photos showing off your services or a promotional offer on a product that holds the potential to attract a visitor.

Promote Posts

Want to brag about any product or service of yours or promote any particular event or special offers? Google posts are one such feature of Google My Business that your potential audience will see to analyze the relevancy of your business. And as there are not many of them on the search engine results, you have the chance to make your business stand out with them.


What your customers are saying about your business matters the most for your SEO strategy and if you take its proper advantage you will have a great opportunity to stand out across the jam on the local SERPs. You can turn the reviews in a two-way conversation with the Google My Business by responding to each review. Remember whether it’s a good review or a bad one, you have to respond to all of them. Good reviews can lead you to more sales and even the bad ones can give you an opportunity to improve. So, simply ask all your customers to review and start responding.

So, if you’re still thinking whether Google My Business in a small city like Chandigarh is worth your effort then the answer is sure ‘YES’, considering all the little effort it takes. It has an enormous potential to get you new customers who might not even have heard of you but can expect that they’ll get the right services they’re looking for from your business. It’s highly recommended to explore it for its SEO benefits if you want to improve your search visibility. You can even contact our experts at Ambiente Technologies to get started with your Local SEO strategy through Google My Business.


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  • Trevor Prawdzik

    Really informative, thanks for sharing this!



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