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Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence | Blog | Digital Marketing | October 20, 2019 |

Do you know artificial intelligence (AI) can help you in digital marketing? Recently artificial intelligence and its potential are recognized in many industries. It is said that technology is revolutionizing digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one of those industries where AI is taking big steps. There are many ways in which AI helps to grow the business by increasing sales. Hence digital marketing is highly profited from AI technology.

Many industries are using AI for benefits, but in this article, we will focus on how AI has changed digital marketing. 

At the moment, AI technology is opening new options for digital marketing. If digital marketing along with AI technology works together. The two may open up a new world together for people. 

To understand how the two can work together, we must understand about AI technology. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence made artificially for machines. They are used in machines or devices to perform better at the task that is given to them. Hence, it produces better results than non-intelligent machines. 

The technology emphasizes on learning personal preferences for humans. AI can collect data and use them for better outcomes the next time. 

So, when a customer is buying a product his preference is kept by the AI. The information will be used in the future when the same customer visits to buy a product again. 

Therefore, the next time you visit the AI can select the color of the product, or it knows the size that fits you. 

In other words, the machine keeps learning new things, similar to how a human learns. This is why technology is beneficial in many industries. 

Apart from developing the current industries, AI has the ability to create new industries. It is said that AI has the potential to solve many problems that could come up in the future. 

Role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is already playing an important role in digital marketing. In the present time, any custom digital marketing agency is interested to incorporate AI in the following forms:

  • Predictive analysis of marketing

In digital marketing, artificial intelligence is used for predictive analysis. It means that all the data will be collected, analyzed and a possible outcome will be calculated. 

This is done in many fields other than digital marketing. In digital marketing, this type of analysis includes better products for marketing or the best price to quote. 

Since all the possibilities are placed in front of the marketer, it is easier to select the profitable one. 

  • Using AI in chatbots

If you are a fan of social media, then you may have come across a chatbot already. By using chatbot one can provide 24×7 services to the customers. Due to its great advantages, customers prefer chatbots over live chat.

Customers find it convenient that a chatbot is ready to respond instantly. Hence, customers remain satisfied which means they will come back for more. 

Since AI is an automatic learning technology, the chatbot response changes over time. 

Another advantage of the AI is that it can reply to multiple customers at the same time. So, customers don’t need to wait for an answer anymore. Leaving a good user experience which will bring back the customer again. In the end, it creates good feedback for marketers, bringing more customers are increasing sales. 

  • Search engine AI

When you are typing something down on the search box or speaking it out an AI is collecting the data. It will be using the information to find your search faster in the future. AI can learn from your search engines and make suggestions for you. 

This feature of AI makes it desirable in the digital marketing world. It focusses on user experience and enhances it. Since AI has learned about you, you will be able to get more ideas to form the search engine itself. So, there are more chances of purchasing a product or service.

  • Advertising with AI 

This is probably one of the most important areas where AIs come in handy with digital marketing. As you already know, AI collects information from customers. AI gathers all the data necessary to understand the needs and choices of each customer. 

By doing this AI makes it easier for a marketer to aim a particular group to sell the products or services. More importantly, the AI helps to find customers who will be interested in your products and services. 

  • Email marketing

Now you know that AI has your preference information. You can use that information for email marketing strategies. The AI can help you find the right time to email for marketing. 

AI helps you to email at the times when your customer is likely to open and read the email. It increases the chance of them buying your product. 

If someone is bored at home, they might want to open an email to see what it has to offer. Hence the right timing form AI can help you be successful at email marketing then you were before. 

  • Adext and AI 

Another technology that really helps to gain benefits from marketing along with AI. Adext is the technology that is used with AI for marketing. When Adext is used to collect information from the internet. 

By using the information and analyzing them you can tell which platforms are best for business. If you are using digital marketing, then you need to pick the right platform for marketing. 

There are some popular ones and some with less attention. You need to get noticed in the recognized platform to get your products and services selling fast. That way you will get customers faster and easier. AI makes it easier to find these platforms. 

  • Web design via AI

Yes, you can also design a website with help on AI. If you are looking forward to opening a website for business, then there is no need to hire a web designer anymore. You can hire an AI who will design the website for you in minutes. 

One of the advantages of designing with the AI is that it is done faster. You also know that you will get a professional-looking website. However, this does depend on the information you have provided for your business. 

Future of Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

AI is one of the most fascinating technologies there is. As it is developing, it is solving more problems and replacing more human labor with time. 

One of the benefits of using technology instead of human labor is that it can be used at any time anywhere. It seems that AI still has many scopes for improvements. 

So, you can expect AI to work in many more areas of digital marketing in the future. 


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