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How to Promote Your New Facebook Page For Free

Blog | Social Media | June 12, 2020 |

As a small business owner, creating a Facebook Page is one of the most important tasks you can do for your business. By not having a Facebook Page, your business will seem illegitimate or outdated whereas if you have a Facebook page your business can look trustworthy in the people’s eye. Facebook is an effective way of promoting your business’ message to your target audience.

If you’re finding ways to get your business acknowledged in your local market and to spread awareness as most business owners look for, a Facebook Page is the right way for you. Facebook offers many tools from groups to its powerful advertising options that can be used by a business. All in all, it’s a powerful medium to grow your business and engage with your potential customers.

But what after setting up a Facebook page for your business? How do you get it promoted and get your audience engaged with you? A Facebook page is only as beneficial as the number of people who see it. With a lot of many ways, there are chances that you could get baffled where to start with. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Here are 6 ways to promote your Facebook Page for free:

  • Build a Base Audience: Once your Facebook Page is live and running, the very next thing to do is building the audience by inviting the people to like it and these people can be your friends or family. This could be advantageous for you as it will provide you with a reliable test audience and will help you leave a digital footprint on Facebook as well.

If you have any subscribers on your email list, you can send an email to them inviting them to like your Facebook Page. You can also try adding social media handles to your email footer to continually reminding your subscribers about your active social media platforms.

  • Add a Follow Button on your website: By adding a Follow button icon on your website, you can help your visitors to follow your page on Facebook. It is a widget that links your website with your Facebook page and you can add the official Facebook Follow Button from Facebook’s Social Plugins resource page. 

Also, One of the coolest ways is by using Page Plugin to promote your Facebook page. You can use it to embed any content post from your page to your website.

  • Provide Helpful and Interesting Content: You need to be social on Social media and connect with your audience. Interesting, relevant, helpful, and useful content can help you connect with your audience and promote your Facebook page. You need to give a reason to your audience a reason to like your page by sharing useful content that can drive action. Sharing images and videos can be helpful as Facebook is a highly visual-oriented channel. Businesses are also using the Facebook Live Streaming option to engage the audience.
  • Offer Facebook Contests and Promotions: People love contests and businesses love sales. By offering specials and exclusive information just for them, you can keep your audience engaged with your page. Any Facebook contest or giveaway with interesting deals and offers is more likely to generate more likes and shares. You can host an event or give some discounts in order to keep your page viewers coming back to your page.
  • Try Facebook Ads: Promoted Facebook Ads that look like regular posts are extremely targeted and hold the potential to reach more people who might be interested in your product or service. Running a Facebook Ad is very easy and can help you get your page seen by a new relevant audience. This can be done using Facebook’s tools that allow you to select your specific audience and target them by their location, gender, age, and interests.
  • Promote your Page Offline: Promote your Facebook page anywhere it can be seen by people on all of your print marketing materials, business cards, flyers, T-shirts etc. Don’t forget to mention your Facebook page whenever you’re in any seminar or workshop. Try providing a link and an image anywhere where it is visible to people. This way you’ll be able to generate likes from your target audience.

Promoting your Facebook page is more than just promoting your business. It’s about expanding and exploring the network and creating a quality of your page so that it triggers others to promote your page naturally. Your promotion should grow an audience. And here Facebook Page will serve all your needs. If you’re confused about how to promote your Facebook page, contact our social media marketing specialists to get your brand in front of your potential customers.


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