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How Long Tail Keywords will Boost your Website Traffic?

Blog | SEO | November 10, 2019 |

Having a website means putting efforts to make sure that it would rank high among the search engine page results in order to increase the traffic and for this goal to be achieved your most basic task would be researching keywords. With this, the latest trend in today’s SEO strategy is the usage of Long-tail keywords, a fundamental to SEO. When carefully strategized and executed, long-tail keywords can generate rewarding results for your website and hence they have become popular when it comes to achieving higher rankings on search engines.

Usually, Long tail keywords comprise three or more words, combined together to get a search statement that the users use as their search queries. The goal is to use the right keywords that will result in a higher number of searches in order to match the keywords that are used by the users while making an online query.

This technique of using the long-tail keywords is known to be the fastest way of getting your website and content in front of your potential audience. They generate fast results and are more cost-effective while it can take you years to rank on short-tail keywords. If you are publishing good quality content around long-tail keywords there are more chances of getting some extra clicks. 

Long-tail keywords are less competitive, have comparatively lower search volume and are less popular and hence is considered as the most advantageous part of the SEO strategy.

Here are  some reasons that show the significance of Long Tail Keywords and how they can be used to boost your traffic:

  • Easier to outrank your competitors: It’s pretty much easy to rank higher on specific multi-word phrases than the general single or short-tail keyword phrases. They are known to have a greater impact than single-word terms and thus they can help you in surpassing the competition in your industry. You need to find out who your competitors are and what keywords they are targeting at, to get an idea of what kind of keywords you should use.
  • Enhanced conversion rates: According to research, for long-tail keywords, the average conversion rate is 36%! To reach this level of conversion rate is not a cakewalk and cannot be achieved overnight. It’s more relatable to research long-tail keywords and create content around them. Also, if people are using long-tail keywords, there are more chances that they would become buyers as well, thereby increasing the chances of more traffic and sales. 
  • Ranking short-tail keywords: Single word keywords are what we all want to rank for and long-tail keywords play a major role to achieve that. You should know the main keywords that you want to be ranked in the search engine page results before framing long-tail keywords. And after you’re successful in the long tail keyword strategy, these short-tail keywords will help you to drive most of the website traffic. 
  • Boost your Blog Strategy: Publishing a blog is a very natural way of updating your website that tells the search engines that the website is up to date and hence helps in SEO strategy. And for a successful blog strategy, the right usage of long-tail keywords is needed within the URL, title tag and body text. The content that focuses on long-tail keywords is the key to increased website traffic and ultimately greater sales.

Using Long-tail Keyword strategy in your marketing campaigns is collectively beneficial for more relevant search traffic, better search rankings and lower cost per click. They offer the solution for the need or problem of a searcher and can rank well on Google as compared to single-word keywords.

Also, for long-tail keywords, the conversion rates are higher than head keywords. Hence, by targeting both commercial and descriptive keywords, you can improve the search rankings of your website.

At Ambiente Technologies, our team of qualified SEO experts is focused on generating high and qualified traffic for our clients. Contact us today and get your loads of traffic with our help.


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