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Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Site

Blog | Web Design | December 19, 2019 |

WordPress website owners are always in search of new methods to speed up their site. A fast website makes everyone joyful. Google is happy, the users are satisfied and ultimately you’ll enjoy the benefits. 

Now, is it really necessary to make your website faster? Well yes, it is! Not just because we want things to be fast but another reason is that Google considers the loading speed of a website as an important ranking factor. And obviously, we all want to rank higher and get our website traffic overflooded by loads of visitors.

The fast speed of a website is not just important for rankings but also necessary for a user’s experience. Your focus should rely on enhancing the user’s experience on your website by improving its loading time. 

WordPress runs on a PHP/MySQL setup and is not any of the fastest backends you have. But it does offer a handful of plugins that can be used to optimize the server and frontend to help drop your page load times and increase the speed of the website.

7 Best free WordPress plugins

  1. WP Super Cache 

It is one of the most popular and indeed a fast caching plugin available in the plugin directory. It is active in more than 2 million websites today. If you have a small website with not so many pages then this plugin would be an ideal choice for you. This plugin is beginner-friendly having fewer options. This means that the customization provided by this plugin is most divergent and for advanced functions, you can change its configurations to get more out of it.


  • CDN support
  • Support multiple caching types
  • Cache Preload
  • Serve static HTML files

2. WP Fastest Cache

It is a recent plugin with some great set of caching features. It caches the files in the fastest possible way and is a lot faster than other caching plugins. It’s neither too simple nor too advanced, rather it is perfectly middle grounded. This plugin is used by more than 800,000 people and has got some great reviews as well. You just need to install it, activate it, go through some settings and after saving, you’re ready to go. 


  • Easy setup
  • Set expiration times for pages or specific URLs
  • CDN integration
  • Minify HTML and CSS
  • Simple click to clear cache

3. BJ Lazy Load

This idea of this plugin is to load specific elements like images only when they are needed. Typically, when a user tries to load a page on your website, the entire page is loaded at once. This plugin forces the browser to load only that content which is near to the view of the user. So, even if you have a number of images on your page, you can still reduce the number of queued HTTPS requests by holding the content. The images and content will load get loaded if only the user scrolls down.


  • Replaces post images, thumbnails, and Gravatar images
  • Plugin operates on jQuery
  • Replaces content iframes with a placeholder until the content is required

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

This is an image optimization plugin. Heavy images are the reason for slowing down the speed of a website. Using this plugin, you can reduce the size of the images without degrading their quality and can also reduce the size of the PDF files, WebP image format, and animated GIFs.


  • Easy to use
  • Bulk Image Optimization
  • Optimize/ Reduce Images Automatically

5. WP SmushIt

This is another plugin to compress the size of the images and remove the unnecessary bytes from them. This makes images to load faster using less bandwidth. Among the many plugins available in WordPress, WP SmushIt is one of the best which auto-optimizes the images right at the time they are uploaded. This plugin can cut down the image to a significant size and leaves a great impact on your page load.


  • Run existing images
  • Metadata from JPEG can be stripped
  • Unused colors in the images can be stripped

6. WP Rocket

You can get all the caching functionality from this plugin. Its setup process is as easy as it could be. You won’t be needing other plugins for some features that it offers you like database optimization,  lazy loading of images and even hosting Google Analytics on your website.


  • CDN integration
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Cache pre-load
  • User-friendly interface
  • Page caching

7. Autoptimize

This plugin can combine all the script and styles together in one single file, optimizing your website very easily. It works on the front end of a website without damaging your theme files and allows you to optimize the page code so that it can minify the external files, HTML code, and CSS.


  • Minifies HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Minified cached files
  • Expired headers are added


Installing these free WordPress plugins can prove to be useful for minifying components and caching your website to improve its page loading time so that you won’t struggle to speed up your site. Also, there’s a reminder that you should not run after all of them, together. Just install those that are needed and don’t get trapped in a pool of plugins. Surely, there are many more ways to speed up your website but these plugins help to get started with it. For issues related to the speed of your website, contact our website design and development agency today and get your website fly like a rocket.


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