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Emoji Marketing: How Does Emojis Boost Branding?

Blog | Social Media | June 3, 2019 |

It is always good to keep flowing when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Different metrics and sizes for companies are taking advantage of multiple online marketing platforms to improve the recognition of their brand around the world. Emojis or icons are one of those that are gaining great popularity around the world these days.

People use different types of emoticons to express their feelings that sometimes words can not do. Emotions cross all communication barriers to help people understand what others want to say: a universal form of communication.

Why Digital Marketers Are Adopting Emoji Marketing?

For web marketers, the number of these images exceeded the size of a pint in all oceans to allow them to participate in an effective marketing campaign, both online and offline, convincingly. However, some people believe that the use of emoticons in emails, blog posts or articles will seem unprofessional because no one takes it seriously, but can not avoid them just for that. These digital images have the ability to transfer your marketing efforts to the next level and increase customer access.

Today, Digital marketers and business owners take pride in communicating with a diverse audience to create a unique brand image. By developing marketing content on various web channels and social media platforms, you can take your business to new levels of achievement.

Let’s walk through the major benefits of including Emojis in Digital Marketing Campaigns:

  • Promote awareness of your brand.

Express what you feel about your brand for your target audience. Instead of using automated or non-emotional content, create easy-to-use e-mail and emoji messages to make them more relevant and person-centered.

For example, if you are promoting your next events on the social media platform, look for that excitement and enthusiasm through these little icons.

Keep in mind that your content reflects the value of your brand and adding these emotions through emojis can encourage your audience to instantly connect with your brand.

  • Increase communication

To generate smooth and efficient communications, you must ensure that your business message accurately communicates to the target web audience.

By using emoticons, you can improve your communication and convey your emotions to a diverse audience on the web, no matter where you come from or what language you know. They adopt a direct and direct marketing campaign to generate the best possible results.

  • Amplifier for social networks

According to one study, there was a tweet that allowed emoticons to have a 25 percent correlation compared to nutrients that were not emoticons. This means that sharing some of the emotions within the content (whether in a blog, ad or part of the content) can increase engagement with social platforms and help you connect more of your target audience with your marketing campaigns. Is not it amazing?

  • Mojis in business contacts

According to the same study, some business owners agree that using emoticons in emails and messages is a good practice. In particular, 21% of senior management concluded that they have no problems with the use of emoticons by their staff when they wish.

Others said it was better to ignore emoticons when communicating at work or for official purposes.

In addition, 93% of respondents said that the use of symbols does not appear to be professional, while 40% said their use is “acceptable” depending on the circumstances.

To avoid confusion and complications, here are some tips to help you determine when you should not use emojis in digital marketing campaigns.

#1 Do not go to the sea

Simply, emojis should not be used in commercial connections on a regular basis. Adding emoticons in emails and text messages can be annoying after a certain point and can compromise your marketing message especially when it is B2B.

#2 Be aware of your audience

It is important to take into account the company culture of your company and your client before using these emoticons in emails / messages. It may seem appropriate to enter an icon with your thumb up in emails sent to colleagues, but using the same emoticons in emails sent to business leaders may fall on you.

#3 Situation analysis

The use of emoticons during the discussion of an urgent topic can be counterproductive. On the other hand, it seems rude and clumsy in most cases. Therefore, it is logical to keep the emoticons absent when critical problems are discussed.

In a nutshell, we can say that the evolution of emoticons in the world of digital marketing can generate great brand value for your business. For any type of expert consultation for your social campaigns, reach our social media marketing agency today!


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