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Chatbots over Live Chat: A Revolution in Customer Service

Blog | Social Media | July 18, 2019

Over the last few years, a lot has changed about customer service. Whereas in the past the usual thing to do when you had an issue was to call a contact center that would try to solve it or go to a brick and mortar store to get it fixed, these days most people favor chat support over calls to solve their issues with any product or service.

According to eConsultancy, 73 percent of users prefer contacting chat support on a website rather than calling to fix any problem they might have or any doubt when contracting a service.

Chatbots had a huge influence in this revolution, though: and in this article, we’ll explain the advantages of chatbots over live chat assistants. But let us first discuss,

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-powered assistants for your business, to put it in layman’s terms. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, bots are able to recognize patterns in written speech and know how to answer them correctly according to company policies.

You can use them on your company’s website for different functions: to provide more information about your products and services, helping with inquiries, and providing customer service. Ask your web design and development agency to incorporate the chatbot feature in your website for effective customer interaction. Chatbots have evolved quite quickly in their ability to help companies, so you can rely on them for a large number of tasks.

The increasing need for chatbots in customer service

These days many more companies are favoring chatbots over live assistants. If your company is quite large, chatbots offer many advantages at a lower cost. This works both when trying to convert visitors to your website into returning customers, and also to help customers with their issues and questions about how to use your product or service, invoicing, and much more.

How Can Chatbots be more effective than live chats?

  • Chatbots have several advantages over live chats, the first one being easy implementation and lower costs. You can pay for a bot service and have a much cheaper bill every month than having to pay for assistants to cover your live chat needs.
  • On another note, chatbots can work every day, at every time of the day, for several customers at once.Whereas with live assistants you would have to hire several people for different schedules so that they cover all your needs, a chatbot is always available for a lower cost. They don’t need vacation time or days off: and you can adjust the chatbot service you’re going to need according to the traffic your website is going to have.

The future of Chatbots in Online Business

One of the drawbacks of chatbots is that they still have trouble recognizing writing with spelling mistakes, so it would be reasonable to think that’s one of the first things that needs to be fixed about them. That would be a feature that would help people deal with chatbots more easily and effectively.

Another thing chatbots still can’t do as effectively as live chat assistants is to recognize distress and deal with it accordingly. An angry customer might react badly to the automatic answers he is getting from the chatbot: however, artificial intelligence in chatbots for online business will soon allow your chatbot to interact with angry customers and turn their dissatisfaction into a good experience with your brand.

It’s a matter of time until chatbots in online business evolve enough to be able to appease unsatisfied customers.

In a nutshell

Even though chatbots have their drawbacks, as we’ve seen, they pale in comparison to the advantages a chatbot for your business can offer. In terms of price, availability, and efficiency, they outrank easily getting live chat support for a larger company. You could have live chat support with a few assistants during the day, but if you have customers in other time zones, that would never work. Chatbots are reliable: they never get tired, and we know a lot of mistakes in customer support are due to the exhausted staff.

Chatbots can work seamlessly for long hours, even 24 hours per day, without ever needing a time out or a break. They are the future of customer service, and if you have thousands of visitors on your website, is time for you to consider contracting a chatbot service for your company now. You won’t regret it, we can assure you.

For any assistance in setting up or managing chatbots and providing effective customer satisfaction, hire digital marketing company for your online business.

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