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5 Ways to Save Time on Your Social Media Strategy

Blog | Social Media | December 27, 2018 |

Having a Social Media strategy in 2018 has gone to another level from where it was a few years ago. Social Media is one of the best ways to engage into the marketing of your brand and with 30% of Net generation engaging with social media once a month, this social media marketing strategy is not just merely about the existence. The focus should be on engagement and for this, your brand must be utterly invested in social media marketing strategy.

For social media marketers, it’s quite a heck of a lot of workloads from keeping fresh content and its scheduling to investigating social media platforms multiple times to interactions with the comments to reviewing the post-performance and many more. But to make sure that you don’t waste much of your time with the involvement in all these tasks and your brand doesn’t fade out, it’s important to take the right steps towards a successful social media marketing strategy.

Here are the 5 ways that will help you save your time on your social media strategy so that your time can be used efficiently to make your brand reach the ultimate heights:

Define your Goal

What you want out of your efforts is the first step to any strategy. You need to be patient when investing in your social media and you will reap the sweetest fruits of the process. Thus, defining a goal is very critical when it comes to your social media strategy. It’s always better to set attainable goals and not unrealistic like getting 1 million followers within a time span of a week. Goals give you the right direction while you continue to overcome hurdles one after the other. Also, document your goal strategy as it helps to benchmark where you stand and boost your chances of achieving those goals.

Discover your Target Audience

How many of the 79% of the adult audience that uses Facebook is your target audience and how much are they interacting with your brand? When it comes to increasing the conversions, it becomes very important to define your target audience so that you can ensure that you’re creating the right content for the right audience and to understand how to create better content that fits the needs of your potential audience. It’s beneficial to understand your audience to learn metrics like what age group is easiest to sell, who buys your product and what income level does most of your returning customers have? All these demographics can help you define your audience which is actually looking for what you’re selling.

Choose the Right Social Platform

Make your presence on the same platform where your audience is active and spread brand awareness to get their attention. The more platforms you’re active on, the more you have to invest in Social Media. Understanding your audience behavior is a key metric to caught their interests and engaging with them. While most of the audience is on Facebook and Instagram, you can even look for the data if your audience is active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube so that you can prioritize the platform in your strategy.

Plan, Create and Schedule

Create a plan for the content on each platform that you can update each week. Which content will be posted when and on which platforms will help you get through the intent of the audience by tracking what and when they like your content. You can post a Tricky question on Wednesdays and a funny gif on Fridays and so on. Now, frame valuable content according to the plan for the different platforms. Content performs differently on different social media platforms so it’s wise to alter content for different profiles. Finally, schedule your content and post them at the right time.

Follow the Data

Keep a track of your most important metrics that are associated with your overall goals. The count of your new followers and the number of likes are good to measure but don’t just revolve around them as they won’t alone lead you to the success. It’s best to follow your own social media engagement metrics so as to indicate when you should be scheduling and posting. The number of clicks, reach and engagement, how well have your hashtags performed, how the audience is reacting to your content, these type of metrics will help you plan an unbeatable social media marketing strategy.


There is no “secret” solution for a better social media presence. Instead, there are small tactics that can help you build toward social accounts that prime for engagement. Contact our Social Media Marketing Specialists at Ambiente Technologies for solutions to help your brand be more visible.

Akshita Sharma
Digital Marketing Executive
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