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5 sure-shot ways to convert organic traffic into leads

Blog | Digital Marketing | July 27, 2020 |

You’re not alone if your website has a massive number of visitors. While there is an extensive amount of organic traffic generated through visits, several companies face issues of low conversion rates. Many of us believe that offering relevant and comprehensive content is more than enough to lure the target audience into becoming potential customers.

However, this is nothing but misleading. While SEO plays a fundamental role in gathering your prospective clients, you may need to look into a multitude of additional elements.

Here is a guide for deliberately converting your organic traffic into leads:

  1. Watch out for branded search terms 

A great way of luring your target audience into investing in your company is to detect branded search terms meticulously. Now, what does this mean? Whenever people search for your company’s name, you should note that you need the most promising content to impress them. The best way of doing so is to enhance each page based on the necessities of the user. For instance, the famous digital marketing leader, Gaetano DiNardi, used this technique to promote sales by up to 400% substantially. 

  1. Enhance your content 

Another obvious tip that most of the marketing agencies might give you is to improve your content to ensure that it matches the user intent. While SEO might significantly help in improving your content, you may need to look into various other elements. One of the best ways of improving your content is to browse through your current pages to jot down what your strategies are and how effective they have been so far. What you need to understand is that every page that does not align with the user content can only work effectively only for a limited time. You can improve your content by designing a thorough framework for your current pages, enhancing new pages, and choosing keywords that can most benefit you in the long run. 

  1. Testimonies 

Even after effective strategies and intriguing content, the audience isn’t convinced enough to invest in your company due to a lack of trust. Trust is an integral component and a driving element in improving your company sales. A handy way of building a productive customer-developer relationship is to incorporate varied testimonies and reviews under a serrated section on your official website. A good marketing agency can help you build the integrity of your company, but it can also bring you several long-term customers, in the long run. 

  1. Ease up elements like double opt-ins 

You might already be familiar with the fact that double opt-ins play an imperative role in preventing your email database from falling prey to bots and other threats. Most users don’t want to subscribe to websites that do not offer maximal safety to users. Here is where double confirmation pages come handy with a digital marketing company. They are instantly appealing to most users and give them the ultimate opportunity at subscribing to your website or availing your services effortlessly.

  1. Hire a recognized website developer 

Every responsible and top-notch website ensures hiring a good digital marketing company to improve your client base and turn the organic traffic into prospective customers. While many SEO service companies claim to offer flexible services, only a handful of them are beneficial for impressing your target audience into becoming potential customers. Thus, every company is suggested to browse varied SEO services meticulously to encounter high-converting services. 

To sum up, 

While there are several other ways of converting organic traffic to leads, the five tips mentioned above can drastically improve your client base. Ambiente Technologies is one such digital marketing agency in Chandigarh dedicated to giving its customers the most delightful experience of their lifetime. Along with its broadened expertise and experience in the digital marketing industry, Ambiente Technologies can help you tremendously,

By improving your overall sales and drastically enhancing your client base, Ambiente Technologies is designed to help you make well-versed decisions for your business and turn your organic traffic into leads.


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