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Video Marketing – 5 Reasons to use Instagram Video Marketing

Blog | Digital Marketing | Social Media | August 12, 2020 |

Social media has become an extensively popular platform today. With the augmented growth of the industry of technology, social media has become a very suitable platform for several earning individuals. With over 1 billion active users on a monthly-basic, Instagram creates a remarkable opportunity for not only bloggers and influencers but also various digital marketing companies. With a wide range of individuals that spend a significant amount of time browsing through their Instagram, this is a chance for every social media marketing agency to impress their target audience into buying their products. 

Read ahead to find a curated list of reasons to use Instagram video marketing to drive sales and effective digital media marketing. 

  1. Instagram can help you create an individual identity for your company.

Instagram is an extremely comprehensive and large platform where you can give your company the social presence it needs to gain an extended client base. People of all ages use the versatile app because finding your target audience is not much of a deal.

Instagram videos can help you conveniently convey your message to your target audience. Not only can you display your company’s gist as a whole through Instagram videos, but can also create a substantially likable and intriguing content. For instance, a video posted by The Jane Goodall Institution gained extensive popularity due to its exquisite content. All you need is a social media marketing agency!

  1. Instagram stories and video posts can open doors to several opportunities. 

You might already be familiar with how influencers earn money through Instagram. Several brands pay them to advertise their products and services. Many statistics suggest that 1 out of 3 average Instagram users were more intrigued by brands that offered content through Instagram video posts and stories.

Due to such statistics, Instagram is undoubtedly the perfect platform to expand your client base, and add much more authentic and appealing strategies from a social media marketing agency.

  1. Videos are substantially more interesting than other forms of marketing.

While digital marketing itself is an extremely intriguing and effective way of marketing, you must note that only a good social media marketing agency can excel at developing a few of the most efficient marketing strategies. One such strategy that most users use to drive their sales is by creating Instagram videos.

A research done by Social Media Analytics tool, Quinty, suggests that over 21% Instagrammers found videos comparatively more appealing than images. 

  1. Instagram Feed expands your social media presence.

Furthermore, once you have a good amount of followers on Instagram, your presence on the feed can deliberately expand in no time. About 73% of customers suggest what a company’s social media presence is willing to invest in matters.

Thus, the more intriguing and aesthetic your social media posts are on your feed, the more chances of you gathering your target audience into buying your products. Furthermore, every social media marketing agency suggests that your feed is just what you need to make that first worthwhile impression on your prospective clients. 

  1. Instagram videos Increase your credibility.  

Lastly, Instagram videos are extensively beneficial in drastically improving the credibility of your company. Your Instagram presence can give consumers a chance to get to know more about your company. This will help you build a strong customer-developer relationship, but it will also help ensure that you gain long-term customers.

Several social media marketing agency surveys conducted suggest that customers are more attracted to social media marketing than any other form of marketing. Video Marketing, along with being a unique form of digital marketing, is more appreciated as it brings much more to the table. No consumers are attracted to your company if you have the same content as that of others. Instagram videos give you the benefit of showcasing what you are best at. 

To sum up

While marketing via Instagram videos is extremely beneficial, you must note that choosing a good and leading digital marketing company for advertising your company’s services and products is an indispensable component that will drive your total sales. Ambiente Technologies is a prominent social media marketing agency that is a pioneer in the innovation of a few of the most unique, outstanding, and cutting-edge digital marketing services via Instagram. You can now extensively advertise your services and products and successfully lure your target audience into investing in your company. Happy marketing!



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